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Call Toll Free: 800-542-9848
EAST COAST: 770-800-3485      CENTRAL & WEST COAST: 281-323-9102

Help us promote the Gospel.


Our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus and to establish and operate churches and media outreaches. We establish churches in youth homes, prisons, mission fields and produce moral/religious materials on DVD and in published literature. We do many large scale media outreaches and provide materials and services not freely available to those outside the church.

Or Toll Free 800-542-9848
CENTRAL: 281-323-9102
EAST COAST: 770-800-3485

 WEST COAST: 281-323-9102

     Our goal is to make a difference in a world where today’s busy schedules often crowd out the things that matter the most—love for God, love for family and love for others.  Family Lifelines is a non-profit association and all proceeds received from donations and the distribution and marketing of our programs and supporting the youth counseling projects that we organize and operate. Making a difference in the world to change things for the better, one life at a time, is the goal that the Family Lifelines team works tirelessly to accomplish. Please take a minute to read just a few of the stories here of the good things that can happen when you reach out with words of life, with food for the body as well as the soul. If you get a minute, please browse our website to see more, or give us a call to discuss with one of our volunteers ways that you can do more to help others. Thank you for your help & support of our efforts. Together we’re changing the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for considering to donate your vehicle to our ministry or reaching the world with the wonderful saving message of God's love!

You can donate your car online and help us promote the Gospel by calling us Toll Free at 800-542-9848 or one of the following numbers: CENTRAL & WEST COAST: 281-323-9102; EAST COAST: 770-800-3485; to make arrangements for a quick, no cost and hassle free pickup.


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"All proceeds benefit Family Lifelines Ministries, an IRS registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
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